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Witness | Juno and The Peacock
Witness | Juno and The Peacock


Screening of six animated textiles, a collaboration between animator/filmmaker Nicole Antebi, visual artist/musician Colin O'Con, and sculptor Courtney Puckett

"Buster Keaton | January Page," 2014/2020
“Brothel Ethics | American Medallion”, 2015/2020
“Cry Cry Cry | Evil Eye”, 2014/2020
“Witness | Juno and the Peacock”, 2014/2020
"Hanging Garden | Strawberry Letter," 2014/2020
“Their Eyes Were Like Diamonds | Janus”, 2014/2020

A collaboration between animator/filmmaker Nicole Antebi and sculptor Courtney Puckett combines documentation images from Puckett’s “Calendar Series”, an ongoing body of work wherein Puckett exchanges her usual found object sculptural forms for flat, square surfaces of repurposed fabric and Antebi's stop motion clay animations.

Puckett's "Calendar Series" mines the cultural and mythological associations of the 12-month calendar year and distills references into shape and color abstractions which are hand-sewn onto fabric surfaces.

Antebi responds to Puckett’s calendar series by “weaving” animated modules through the images. Antebi’s quick clay animation technique began with backgrounds of bookplates found at the Public Domain Review and are daily exercises that sharpen her skills as an animator while taking breaks from a larger ongoing animated archive about the border landscapes of El Paso and Juárez.

Visual artist and musician Colin O'Con of the bands Big High Hills and Dark Carpet composed original scores to accompany the collaboration.