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In celebration of New York Textile Month Richard James is pleased to announce an exhibition of sculptures by Courtney Puckett opening in September 2020. Fabrics of all kinds in different textures abounded in Courtney Puckett’s childhood home, heaped into piles, as well as the trove of other paraphernalia that her interior designer mother would have at hand. Her sculptures, made of conglomerations of fabric, wire and string crisscrossing like spider-webs building up a scaffold, show the thought process and structural necessities the artist must navigate, much like a building’s armature at a construction site. The sculptures’ pliant forms are reminiscent of “soft art” of the 1960’s and 1970’s that countered hard-edge minimalism. Similarly, Puckett’s sculptures trigger exciting dialogues with the fabrics and textures used in Richard James designs.